Happy Birthday, Gianna Banana!

I honestly don’t know where to begin with explaining or stating why I just miss one of my close friend’s birthday party!

It was randomly a breezy afternoon when she invited me to her party just in front of her flat when we went for a hike last Wednesday. I remember talking to her about most random things, thoughts & stories we share. I even promised to give her a Spanish language pack torrent link for her to download which I did eventually. But then, I lost track of time and as for my usual habit, I begin to daydream about most things of my life, bulks of thoughts would then rapidly increase as if they were skyscrapers rising from the ground.
But I’m not saying that I’m not thinking about this good old friend. Needless for everybody to know, it’ll just take minutes or even seconds on how a person’s life’s situations dramatically change or be put into an action, unexpectedly whether he/she wants it or not.
Enough of this blahs I’ve mentioned, I realized, would it change how situations went for the past, say, 2 hours? 3? Or 7 hours? Doubt it though. Right now, I couldn’t have done anything to alter things way back then. I couldn’t just say that I received her message later than expected or it was such on a short notice. Apologizing would be a good idea. But I want something better, something that I could make it up to her!
Gianna Banna (a.k.a My Hollywood Banana) has been ultimately a cute, good, blunt, lasting friend of mine who I couldn’t just loose and live without! It’s just not that right. I honestly thought it’s just right for me to give her some space in this blog since I terribly did her wrong by missing out on her party! Here are things that I could describe with  my own ways of perspection and sight.
Lovely! Even if she believes it or not, she’s full of beauty in my eyes (and I know others see it too).
Blunt & Witty. She usually doesn’t talks a lot but when she does, it definitely makes sense. : )
An Angel Looking Lassie. Your arguments are invalid!
An Anime Buff. Nuffsaid.
A Righty! She always seeks to do the right thing. I know. (everyone knows that she’s a good person inside – out).
A Blessing in disguise.
I’m really sorry I missed your party! I feel so horrible to even missed your birthday because we’ve been friends for a long time and you get nothing from me. I hope I can tell you how much of a good friend you are and how much you’ve been a blessing for me since then. I also hope I could make it out to you sooner or later. I lost track & I won’t try to make stupid excuses now because I was so reckless that I wasn’t there on your special day. But, I wanted to thank you for coming into my life and for being one of my good friends who brought joys, rainbows & smiles in my lifetime! I pray that you’ll be continually a blessing to your family, friends & others as well. And that they will be blessed by you, too! I also pray for encouragement to further continue on your studies and wisdom and protection that will guide our way to success & growth. It’s your special day, so I ask God that He will reveal Himself to you and enlighten you with His Spirit, guidance & anointing. This I ask & pray. In Thy Mighty Name. Amen.
P.S. i hope you’re not mad at me! 😦

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