ReMINEd Saved The Day!

Lately, I found myself in a messy run for the mumbo jumbo world of success. You can say that it’s really one hell of a mess race when you’ve got all these bright crazy ideas starting to flood out of kazillion mind and the next thing you know is that they’re all over the place!

Perhaps, one of the things that most of us are struggling with is how we can efficiently organize our thoughts, ideas but mostly especially, our goals & visions that we have set and want to achieve in the hopeful future. One suggestion I would like to share is using a software application with regards to this goal setting concern.

And just later this afternoon, doing my usual dogma of checking emails and accounts, I found something interesting. An app which gives you the option to Desire, Visualize, Prioritize & Attain goals step by step. Now, thanks to Ms. Jhen Enriquez of AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., who took some time to send me an email requesting for an App Feature. Without it, I would’ve still been on the verge for looking some good and trusted apps that would exactly cater to my goal setting and visualizing needs! The app is called ReMINEd. And this promising baby speaks for itself with the following:


ReMINEd is AppLabs Digital Studios’ visual wish list reminder application for goal setters.

Desire, Visualize, Prioritize and Attain – the four steps you can do with Reminded to help you set your goals and buy that special something.

1. DESIRE – With ReMINEd, you can just enter the name of the object of your desire to save it in your Mine box, a place where you can find all your existing wants. Desired objects depend on the person, whether it can be your dream bag, a brand new smartphone, a new townhouse, dream shoes or a luxury car.

2. VISUALIZE – To help strengthen your desire, ReMINEd provides you with a chance to add a picture of the object that you want. You can add a picture from your camera or grab a photo online.

3. PRIORITIZE – Set your priorities straight by indicating the level of priority for each desired object. You can also set an alarm to alert you of the target acquisition date.

4. ATTAIN – Set the goal. May it be to save a certain amount of money or buy a new car after three years, ReMINEd app will help you set your desired goals effectively.


MINE Box – ReMINEd’s visual wish list lets you store and review all your material desires with a simple swipe of a finger. ReMINEd Lite is a free version that only allows you to store up to 5 wants, though the full version ($.99 USD) allows you to store an infinite number of wants.
Easy Addition Of Wants – Just take an actual picture of the object you want or choose a picture from the Web or your camera roll. Add/Remove the picture with a press of a finger.
Reminder Personalization – Set the target date and include a note to remind you when to acquire the object and what you will have to do to get it.
Priority Levels – Three priority levels (Low, Medium, High) let you acquire the object by level of importance.
FAQS? Visit the site here: reminedapp
And if you’re ready and all set, you can download the the app (full and/or lite version) here:

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