Last Night’s Unfortunate Curse Of Human Nature

Apologies for haven’t been updating soon enough, last night was a tragedy that almost ruined some of my plans for that certain yesterday!

On that hot promising afternoon, when my body’s starting to ache like hell, little did I know, the bloody PMS that all women undergo, has come upon me and is biologically followed by having a monthly period which would last for five days (well, that’s on my case, it obviously differs from one woman to another).

That moment, I honestly had a hard time standing up because I was feeling dizzy, most of the time. My body aches too (front to back – excuse the terminologies, I’m not quite introduced to medical terms, I suppose). It was then that everyone in the house was trying to make me eat because I was lying in my bedroom shivering caused by this curse of human nature. By the time I finished eating, I feel a little bit peculiar then started throwing up twice. But from then on, I started carrying on and fixing myself (oh man oh man, if anyone just knew how awfully nasty it is).

And from that moment on, I came to realize how hard it is to undergo through womanhood physically, biologically, etc.. With all the monthly periods we have to endure, there’s still so much more that a woman would eventually struggle with in the future, pregnancy, for example. Not only that, but emotional turmoil would also come up with it. It’s weird what most women would go through emotionally and how each and every women’s mood drastically changes in minutes or even in seconds!

Light bulb invisibly brightened, I came for a thought during that second that with all those painful cracks and hardships that a women would go through, it’s one of the ultimate things that makes her special, unique & wonderful! Yup, you heard it right, ladies. So, when you feel like you’re down, try to look up, when you feel like you have nothing, try to examine what you have left, even with very little it still counts and it’s one thing that we could be grateful for. And when you feel like you’re not worthy at all, try to look back, think about those things (whether bad or good) that you have once go through, for even with all those things that you have battled and struggled, whether you lost or you’ve won, it made you the person you were today and you can say that person smiling right now saying, “For sure, you deserved it!”

a convo with mi cuzzo

P.S. watch out for this post’s huge update! i’m just not in my mental state of craziness right now. :* 😉


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