A Day At The Library Is Never Wasted

It’s those days that when you have a lot of free time and you’ve got nothing to do but since I got my phone back, I decided to spend some time at the library, mainly to charge my mini celli & partly for reading or maybe no plans with it at all. But since, I’m already at an actual library, why not pick some potential good reads that I may find interesting. And so I did. To begin with, I’ve got these pretty three:
The book I picked about graphic designs on the romanticism era astonished me with this sweet & lovely introduction as seen below plus more pictures:
the typo I liked
fur! who doesn’t want them? 😉
Meet some fashion designers, gurus and what they have to say:
Presenting, the masterpieces:
And finally, the fashion worlds’ magnifique architectures:
Whoa! So, I guess you can explore a whole new world even with just spending your time indulging some good reads.

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