Lonesome Pearls

I finally got the earrings I’ve ordered online! It’s not very surprising though I’m just so glad that it actually came to arrive in front of my door via air mail. And it’s the usual mere fact that when I order some items online, it would take more than a month & a half to arrive in the Philippines which is why probably sometimes, I would mistakenly assume that it might no longer arrive or maybe some bandits took it!


Looking back, I remember wearing big purple fancy pearls which my mum bought me. I never really was a fan of wearing pearls, though I’m usually into metallic dangling earrings and big hoops, I decided to give it a try. Wearing it while seeing my friend pass me by, she suddenly did noticed the earrings and told me that pearls make you cry, which is hilarious and a little bit strange but then, she did explain and reasoned out her point that whenever she tries to wear her earrings, something terrible happens aftermath. While in disbelief, I kept wearing my earrings until now, but not so much since I wasn’t a fan of it but I can always consider it as a option depending on my outfit.
That doesn’t end there, since I got my lovely pair of pearl earrings (white one), I didn’t really bother opening it for the first time. But then, I have this outfit that matches up with pearls, I decided to wear it that day. But when I got home, yeaa, something terrible did happen! But that doesn’t mean I’m not wearing these loves anymore. I’m that stubborn chic! 😉



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