Happy Late Thanksgiving!

I really hate it when my things got kind of out of place when it comes to planning stuff but it never happens. There’s no point planning at all! It’s useless. A lot of times I’ve been trying to scribble something in this blog, but I can’t seem to find the right words and timing that would lit up a spark. Nonetheless, I can say that I’ve been procrastinating all this time but I had errands that are still on queue and bunch of times that I’m planning to do events that I’m hopefully going to attend.

These past few days that I can self proclaim on being a busy bee, I remember having an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) on the song that my friend, June Angelie, introduced me during our idleness. Yeah, not much on my kind of music but I find myself somehow drawn to it which probably explains the LSS.

Just A Kiss by ladyantebellum
What do you think?

Anyways, I could somehow state my little contribution to the day given completed task of finishing my mum’s Challenge of Acceptance Speech after having to dine outside with my fambam & doing a little shopping.


And also, I’m glad to finally change my facebook cover and have it personalized!

Keep you posted! 🙂


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