Sums & Queues, I’m Raged To Be Back! x A1 Band Pre Concert

I’m baaaaaaack! I know it’s a crying shame that I haven’t been updating what’s going on since. But as time goes by, weeks has been crazy and right now, Visayas is currently under a typhoon named Pablo, storm signals varies as to where the location is. I’ve heard massive landfalls from the breaking news & flash floods due to the typhoon in various places in the south/southern part of Visayas. But currently not much insane storm signs in the central part of Cebu (where I’m in).

So to sum it up, this day haven’t been productive at all, maybe except for a little bit of customization for this blog and having mum’s visitor came over (which isn’t obviously a big deal. i write as far as i can remember..).

On queues:

  • still waiting for Bryle’s videos & more photos of A1 band during their concert and pre appearances in Cebu.
  • my date plans with Chiara, Gianna Banana & Harem to already took place hopefully this week + my bro, probably!
  • lots’a plaaans with Gianna Banana
And since I’ve been urgently wanting to post about A1 when they were here singing in Cebu, here are some pics my friend, Bryle took. My attempts of taking some shots were so poor in angle. 😦


the three gorgeousness
Chris taking a pic

PS i might post a video of A1 sooon after i get to edit & clean up background noises when they were singing.

That’s it for now. But more for later 😉


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