Déjà Vu


There you go, I wouldn’t ask if all of you have experienced what’s like to somehow feel under the state of déjà vu phenomenon ’cause more or less, I know that most people have tried to experience some cases regarding this state.

Unbelievably true or not, as scientific research would say, it has something to do or is link with one’s memory, short or long, one’s psychological being, para-psychological? And so much more.. One study would also suggest that it might also be linked with one’s disorders in the memory or psychological being!

I don’t know if this has something to do with my seemingly head aches & slight dizziness lately, or maybe those two were causing me experience déjà vu. Or maybe, I’ll just go see my neurologist! But either way, doses of caffeine seem to get it straight right up. Though, one thing’s for sure, I gotta fix myself, impose discipline & willpower for me to get it all on with my daily whole being.


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