Missing Drake & Josh On Christmas

It’s Christmas Month and I’m about to post and share another cuisine experience (with pictures, of course) but then, I’m currently in a dilemma of my loppy being full in memory, which sucks causing it not to accept any file I’m trying to send via bluetooth. But no worries, I’m trying to fix it. Any solutions / suggestions maybe? 😉 You can always comment below.

For the meantime…

I’ve been missing Drake & Josh, an american comedy TV show I used to watch during my younger years. They had a Christmas themed movie, to which I watched twice, thrice, a couple of times when December would come due to the fact that our local cable TV has always been repeating its shows / movies. But it was worth the laugh, buff, a touching to the heart (those kind of gooeeey thing you feel when you watch some dramatic show of some sort because you can absolutely relate to the story).

This is the closest video I got from YouTube for the entire music video, 12 Days Of Christmas by Relient K, which they used in the movie and is also one of my favorite parts.

Might not be HD, but whenever I came back to watching this, flashes & excitement way back overwhelms me!


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