I can’t help but …

There are just things in life which would look so pleasing & tempting at first, things of which you wanted to happen and to be involved with, in the first place. But then, little did you & anybody know, when you get to be involved, when you get to take part and be in that particular situation, something, which you can’t explain takes in and drops you down like *snaps* that!
thy wandering immensely vast mind

thy wandering immensely vast mind

I don’t even know if someone understands me but I’m most likely sure that’s it’s probably weirding you out at some point but I guess I’m always entitled to my own opinion as to which we all are.
It’s inevitable.
And so human.
No one knows why they do, or can even explain the matter of it.
But something’s for sure, they’ve had it and got their souls broken.
They’ve messed & fucked up seemingly lost in an illusion of isolated island or an abandon desert.
The point is, they’re LOST.
Do they know what to do? Got any idea what’s next?
That’s probably why they don’t care because they’ve had the same sane thing going on all over and over again.
It’s like getting stuck in a trances!
Can anybody get me outta here?

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