Josh & Reina Weds!

Recently, on April 12th to be exact, my maternal Uncle Josh, who arrived from his tour bunch of countries awesome job, being a seaman, marries Reina for the second time! The first one was through civil and this time, off to church they go!

Families, relatives and friends were invited to witness their church wedding. My brother & I were told to be at my grandparent’s house at 10 o’clock sharp to have our preparations done. After that, we were instructed to go to Cebu Grand Hotel to which they had their after wedding took place for dinner and some activities that covers it.

I never knew it was dragging to held a wedding event such this! No pun intended but see, I’ve witnessed everything (well, most of it), from preparations, pictorials, make ups & clothing enhancements to the actual service for the wedding & the after wedding ceremonies. Which I personally to prefer to get something done in a direct manner, but it’s their big day and we respect them for it. 🙂

Pictures I’ve taken along:

Congratulations couples!


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